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Editing + Revising = Fixing. I’m The Fixer!

While I edit my latest YA novel, the following song  repeats again and again:

Yay, Pearl Jam!

My first draft felt rushed in some ways, and covered in a thick layer of dust in others. As I begin editing and revising, I’m slowing it down in places and polishing my computer screen with LemiShine. It’s working, I think. My house smells like lemons, anyway.

Knowing how the story ends has helped the editing process. I completely changed my original ending from one of Everyone is Skippy Happy to It’s Over, But Gee Whiz, Is Everyone Alive? I like the new ending better; it fits the entire tone of the book.  What was I thinking with that original ending?

I’d like to pump up the word count, but it seems to be dropping. All the fluffy flowery writing has to go, though. Out with the unnecessary speech tags when the character’s action does the trick. Wave goodbye to”I looked, I watched, to me, at me.” They’re all gone. But when I get to the action parts, I’ll be like that Pokemon character named Slow Bro. Action sequences are difficult for me to write because I’m trying to keep up with how it plays out in my mind. I have to remember that no one else is seeing exactly what I’m seeing unless I describe it to them in perfect detail. Well, maybe not perfect, but as close as I can get.

Editing is hard, but super fun. I like my story enough, (who am I kidding – I love it!) that I’d revisit, play with it, revise it forever. As long as “The Fixer” keeps playing, I’ll keep fixing.


  1. Hiya!

    I am getting so close to the end of my first draft. I anticipate that editing will be easier once I know my ending as well. I’ve been reading “Writing Fiction for Dummies” which has been giving me ideas for the editing process as well.

    GratZ on the blog. I am not sure if it is your end or mine, but the formatting is a bit pinched. I use google chrome as my browser, so that may affect it as well.

  2. Joe is beating me to everything this week! That wascawy wabbit 🙂

    Welcome to blog-land. I’ll add you to my blog roll 🙂 I’ve found the first revision to be quite fun, but the final editing seems too much like work. But, it’ll happen. Just keep at it!

  3. Yeah, parts of it look strange on my end too. I’ll keep trying to fix it. It’s another thing I’m fixing!! Get it? Ugh, it’s bedtime.

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