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Award Happy Dance

There’s been a lot of happy dances this week! This one is for my first blog award! Mysti Parker from Unwritten awarded the Fair Dinkum (good buddy) Award. Thank you, Mysti!

With this award, I am to share informational tidbits about myself and award five other bloggers. Here I go with the tidbits:

1. I’ve thought about going to clown school.
2. I’m addicted to crack-ERS. HA! Crackers, not crack.
3. In high school, I co-wrote and performed in a play, and received a standing ovation.
4. I once wanted to be an FBI agent, but then decided I was too goofy. (See number 1).
5. My biggest fear, more than anything else in the world, is throwing up.

Now it’s time to award five bloggers. All you have to do is what I just did. And the awards go to (in no particular order):

1. Sarah Ahiers at Falen Formulates Fiction
2. Demitria Lunetta
3. Ryan Sullivan at The Dark Corner of the Mind
4. Deboarah Burns
5. Trish at Adventures of Molly Mavis Gumnut

That was fun! Let’s do that again!

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  1. OMG! I hate to throw up too. I’d rather go out the other end (you know what I mean) for days at a time than to throw up once. It’s been years…many years.

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