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Feeling Human

I feel like a human bean, I mean being, again. Last week, not so much. The flu dragged me by the heels into the cluttered basement, where I marked time into the closed door with my fingernails. Yikes! I’ve been watching too much Paranormal Activity 2! But anyway, I was trapped for a whole week with the flu. No fun.

Between moans and complaints to Gabe, I thought about writing. My characters gave me sly smiles and beckoned me closer. I thought they were going to eat me (did I mention I had a fever?), but then they comforted me.

I thought about the different plots taking shape in my head, the ideas that could melt away if I didn’t get better soon. At the urging of my characters and those plots waiting to be written down, I finally did get better.

And it occurred to me during my upward climb: I’m addicted. To my characters, to those ideas taking root in my brain, to writing a word, a sentence, a paragraph that makes me smile. I’m addicted, and that addiction helped me get better faster. The drugs helped too, though.

Anyone else addicted? Have you taken your temperature today? Have you seen Paranormal Activity 1 or 2?


  1. Bless your heart. That was me last week too. No flu, but wicked sinus/ear infection. I moaned and cried Tuesday night, just knowing I was at death’s door. Better this week. In a good mood, even, and I’m writing, which puts me in an even better mood 🙂

    Quiz answers:

    1. Yes, I’m addicted. Need to write. Wish I had the time/stamina for one full day of unabashed writing.

    2. No temperature taken. Right now I’m cold and drinking hot tea though 🙂

    3. I’ve seen both movies and they both disturbed me, particularly the second one. I screamed like a little girl at the cabinet scene.

    Glad you’re better and writing again!

  2. I’m happy your feeling better, Mysti. The kind of sick where you feel you’re at death’s door is horrible. I felt like that a few times last week when I dragged myself to school, and I really, really shouldn’t have.

  3. Hi Lindsey,

    Completely addicted. Temperature normal. Haven’t seen either one.

    My worst illness story was wen I was working a job that had me in California. (I live in SC, you will recall) That far from home, and I was so certain that I was dying that I undid the deadbolt and chain on the hotel room door so that housekeeping could find the body in the morning. (Yea, brain was not running at 100% that night.)

    I survived though. Yay!


  4. Wow, Joe, you must have been really sick! I’m happy you survived!

  5. Is everyone sick in this period? I was too, just managed to get over it (not sure if fully, but I traveled and left my medicine behind either way).
    For your questions: Oh, yes, I’m completely addicted to my characters – they did help me out a particular tight spot when I was in high school (kept my sane and all) and I know they always will. So, I’m dedicated to telling their story.

    No, I haven’t taken my temperature in a good long while, and I haven’t seen any of the movies (yet:))

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