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An Ode to Critters

No, not the movies (see funny photo above). I mean the super-intelligent, highly dedicated group of other writers I’ve been fortunate enough to find who critique my story(ies). Yesterday (at least I think it was yesterday; the weekend went by in a blur), a critter pointed out yet another plot hole. Yay Joe! I grabbed my shovel to fill in the hole, and something wacky happened. My MC came up with a great come-back line to some kids on the bus who noticed her yard was… different. That line did two things – 1. it provided a moment of comic relief (which is good, because things get seriously unfunny in the second half) and 2. it was major foreshadowing. I held my shovel like an idiot, blinking at the computer screen, trying to understand the awesomeness that had just happened.

Now I know why Novel Number One wasn’t published – becuase I didn’t put it through the ringer at Critique Circle.

So to all my critters, everyone who has ever given me a critique, thank you. You’ve all provided different perspectives and made me truly think about how the story needed to be told. And a giant thank you to Mysti who’s read and critiqued the whole story almost twice and Joe who keeps throwing me that shovel. Like I told Mysti – the leprechaun told me there are Godiva chocolates in the magic pot for all of you at the end of the story. : )


  1. You’re welcome! Seeing as I am ridiculously behind on crits, and owe you about a million or so, I am doing my best just to get caught back up!


  2. Chocolate!!! Yay Joe for discovering a hole. Which chapter was that? I’ll have to go back and look.

    And it’s only fair that I’m still on board since you’ve been on my crazy rides since the beginning of ART. What a gag-fest that first draft was! In honor of you not yakking, I promise to ride out your current draft and beyond. 🙂

  3. It was chapter 13, after Sarah shows up and walks her black death across the lawn towards Darby’s window. The school bus full of kids would surely say something, and Leigh would surely say something back.

  4. Yeeey, for amazing people who slap us upside the head and show us holes! Cheers and chocolate for all my peeps 😉

  5. I’m very glad to hear you’re still polishing that amazing story of yours. Keep at it, and I hope to see another round of it on CC. 🙂

  6. Thank you, Akoss! I don’t think I’ll post it again on CC though because it’s slowly nearing the final draft.

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