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That was the sound Jesse made at the vet’s office today, a deep, guttural, “You touch me, you die” kind of sound. But everyone survived. Even the vet. As a special present for my kitty cat, I’m posting this video of him napping. I’m obsessed, I know.


  1. Even theme music. My word, you’ve went “crazy cat lady” on us now 😉

    Glad there was no blood lost. Or much anyway.

  2. I’ve been a crazy cat lady for awhile now. I’ve accepted it. 🙂

  3. You kidding? I love kitties! One of mine had a date with the vet today – let’s just say that Mom, who was holding him, didn’t come out so well. There was blood!

  4. Oh no! Vet visits can be awful!

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