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My Characters Won’t Tell Me Everything – What Do I Do?!?

Here’s an excerpt from an actual conversation I had with one of my characters:

Me: What’s PL?
Tram: It’s the PL.
Me: Oooookay. Where is the PL?
Tram: I can’t tell you. You’re human.
Me: (sighs) I kind of need to know what PL is. I’m the writer. Why are those two letters in your head?
Tram: (silence)
Me: Are they someone’s initials?
Tram: (blinks)
Me: An acronym for… post lick?
Tram: (looks at me like I have a horn for a nose)
Me: Fine. I’ll get it out of you. (gives him the evil eye) Somehow, I’ll get it out of you.

I’m still not sure what PL means. If I try to kick his butt, I’ll lose. Bad. I could threaten or bribe him, but honestly, he’s kind of scary and intense.┬áI guess he’ll tell me when he’s ready. Maybe?

What can I do to get him to tell me what PL is? Any guesses as to what PL is?


  1. Party Liquor?

    Panda Lasso?

    Picked Lemons?

    Pumpkin Lice?

    PL…what on earth (or under it) could it be??? You surely won’t leave us hanging, will you? ­čÖé

  2. Pretty liar?

    Perfect lie?

    For some reason I keep thinking lumbar puncture, though that’s actually an LP :p
    Not sure what else to suggest? Have you tried bribing him with sweets? Money? Women? …. Men?

  3. Party Liquor. It’s got to be PARTY LIQUOR.
    Ok, now on a serious note, I do miss Tram, and you can count on me to be there when that book gets published.

  4. Ahhh, thanks Akoss! These are all good guesses for the meaning of PL!

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