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Dear Book I’m Writing: A Hate Letter

Dear Book,

Remember when I posted on my blog about how lovely it was editing you? How I had Pearl Jam’s “The Fixer” running through my head? How I was having tons of fun because the “hard” part was over?

What was I thinking????

There aren’t any songs running through my head now because I’ve lost my mind. (see scary picture below)

Now I’m doubting your characters, your plot, and your entire existence. Nothing makes any sense any more. I wish you would write yourself.

(I feel better already) Your Writer


  1. I’ve hit all kinds of these bumps. Wash some dishes. Pet the cat. Watch something funny. Sometimes, we have to take breaks from each other…or we hack the guy to bits. 🙂

  2. OMG, this seems to be the common thread. I agree with you completely. I am so sick of my stubborn characters, I can’t think straight. I would take time away, but each chapter is already taking a week or more, which means I won’t be done for a YEAR! AUGH!!!!

    I feel your pain.


  3. Mysti – great advice! I’ll walk away and come back.

    Joe – in close to two weeks, I’ll have been writing TGW book for a year. This makes me frustrated, yet also hopeful. If it takes a year or two, then maybe it will be good. There’s no need to rush it. But I want it to be done!!

    Writing is hard. 🙁

  4. I agree with Mysti. Walk away from it. Take a break or write something different. Hopefully by the time you get back to it you will fall in love all over again. 😀

  5. Who are you kidding? You look fine! That’s how I look like all the time :p
    I feel your pain. I’m scared of editing too, since I’ve reached a spot where I have to transform 10k + words in… 4000 something….Ack!

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