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How Teh Jumped Inside My Keyborad and Ruined My Spelling Forever

Teh. It’s not a word but it should be. I’ve seen it all around the internets. At first, I had no idea what it meant. Then, when I read it in context, I realized it’s ‘the.’ Now when I type ‘the’, 88% of the time, I will type ‘teh.’ And it makes me angry. At myself and at people who don’t proofread.

So to make myself feel better, I’m posting the number five in the Worst Email Contest of 2000. Why 2000? Why not 2010 or 2011? Because I only have teh (dang it!) tttthhhheee results from 2000. Here it is, number five:

Situation: A systems analyst created more problems when he wrote this e-mail to explain a problem.
E-mail: Will the unti cost in momsat that has change now since you have fix it—will it update THE AIM ICS STD COST TO-NIGHT Because I will need to send mass ICS act again because some Std(wrong) went to Vista—

Sandy also says that last yr he did not key ing sytle no that they were their with the cost and he just changed the cost What on lstovr

Taken from: Worst e-mail contest winners. (2000, January 25). TechRepublic.
I’m pretty sure this is some kind of foreign language that kind of sort of resembles English. You’ll probably go blind if you try to decipher it for too long.
Have any misspellings jumped inside your keyboard?


  1. Don’t hate me… I added ‘teh’ to my phone’s dictionary. I use it in proper context, such as texting my teenagers to tell them that something is “teh awesumz”. It makes them laugh scornfully at my attempts to be cool.


  2. Um, yeah. Guilty of using teh too – but only for fun. Also lulz(that lol), rulz(isntead of rlues), lolxorz (that lol, too) kitteh, puffeh/fluffeh, and the ever so popular Geezuz!. It’s messenger/internet language that screwed the world. Fortunately, I mostly IM in Romanian, so that’s the language I completely screwed up :p

  3. My typing is pretty awful. Where are the Star Trek computers we were promised? Have you tried voice recog software? Even worse.

    Moody Writing

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