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Number 4 in the Worst Email Contest…

…in the year 2000. Old, but still funny. Taken from: Worst e-mail contest winners. (2000, January 25). TechRepublic.

Here it is:

A student sent this e-mail to his computer instructor. Should the teacher deduct points from his next exam?

i am ussualy home before classes in the morning-before 9 on wed. and thursday.. and b4 1200on monday..of b4 2on tuesday.and friday

my major is microsoft networking i expect to learn how to better maintain a PC within a home and network inviorment..

Umm, huh? Maybe while this person is learning how to better maintain a PC, he/she can also learn some keyboarding and spelling skills.

Would you look at that? Suddenly the font size is growing, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t accidentally push something. Pretty sure… Okay, now I’m laughing at myself rather than the Number 4 in the Worst Email Contest.


  1. Usually when I call tech support about anything, they sound like that, except worse. Very broken English about 90 mph…

    You easily entertain yourself, don’t you? 😉

  2. Lol! It’s the rapidly growing font people! They will abduct us all (I honestly find that funnier than the misspelled email. I hte msipellings, they maks my brain ahce!) 😀

  3. Mysti – Give me a ball of yarn and I’m set!

    Stefanie – My brian hurts 2. 🙂

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