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Best Online Fiction of the Week

My short story Alpha Female Office Wolf was named one of the best online fiction stories of the week by You can see their review of it here. They spelled my name wrong, but I can live with that. I appreciate the review and making the list!


  1. Congratz!

    “but the poetry of this story is when she encounters the terrifying fact that after she leaves this job she’ll want to come back.”

    Did I miss that part? I can be sort of thick sometimes, but I didn’t see the narrator as making that discovery.

    Oh well, Publicity is always good. So was your story!


    PS: Something is wonky with using my WordPress ID to log in and leave the comments. Hopefully it gets better soon!

  2. Stef – Thank you!

    Joe – I think that was in reference to Vi (the one who retired). Maybe? That part confused me, too.

  3. Woot! That’s completely awesome. *high five!*

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