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10 Things To Do While You’re Querying

Rather than check your email every five minutes waiting for responses to queries, why not check it every six minutes and eighteen seconds? During that six minutes and eighteen seconds, here are some things you can do:

1. Twirl around in your swivel chair.
2. Figure out how to make other pages on your blog. (Honestly though, does anyone know how to do this? Can you pretty please tell me?)
3. Clean out your refrigerator. Better yet, come clean out my refrigerator. 🙂 I’m pretty sure the yogurt I have in there has furry socks to warm its little yogurt feet.
4. Write something.
5. Plot something. There’s a new story idea foaming in my brain right now that refuses to stop bubbling. Eww! The foam just squirted out my ears!
6. Resist the urge to share with the online world how many queries, rejections, fulls, and partials you have out. It’s hard, but it makes you look more professional.
7. Develop a secret code that no prospective agent can crack and post it on your blog so you can share how many queries, rejections, fulls, and partials you have out. I’m still working on this one.
8. Teach your cat how to walk on a leash. Yes, the BF and I are really doing this. Either Jesse has crossed the line to kitty sainthood or it really is working!

9. Get really busy at work. Can you say homecoming?!
10. Read a book. Analyze plot, character, wording, etc, but don’t compare it to your own book because you might cry.

Once you have accomplished all or part of any of these ten things, run to your computer and check your email!


  1. 11. Cry tears of worry, fear, and eventual acceptance. 😀

    Also…I had no idea cats could be taught to walk on a leash. :O I had a rabbit when I was about seven that my dad used to bring for walks on a leash. It was strange.

  2. LOL! One of our cats keeps following me up the road when I take the dog for a walk. I’m sure he’d love to come with us if I put him on a leash.

    As for #2, it’s easy in Blogger. Go to either “New post” or “Edit posts” from the dashboard. In the “Posting” tab at the top you’ll see (alongside “New post” and “Edit posts”) “Edit pages”. Click on that and you can create/edit a page just like a post. How the links/tabs appear depends on your template.

  3. My cat used to fall over like I’d put a lead weight on him when I put his leash on. As soon as I took him outside though, he forgot about it 🙂

  4. Love all the reasons… haha made laugh. I know how to add a page on wordpress, but no on blogger…sorry. I kill time by plotting a brand new novel – to move along and not become a crazy person who checks her email every 2 seconds…hehe Trying to teach your cat on a leash… geez my cats would protest way too much.

  5. Lol, fun read as usual. Yeah, I should try to teach my cat to walk on a leash – as soon as I get one, at least 😉

  6. I’m totally down for developing a secret code. They’ll never know, mwah ha ha!

  7. icanhasopinions – yeah, seeing anything other than a dog on a leash is strange. But Jesse’s a natural at it!

    Botanist – You’re a genius! Thanks for the info!

    Mysti – does you kitty like walks?

    tfwalsh – if you throw food in front of them and let them see the leash as a positive experience with yummy food, they’ll do just about anything.

    Stef – It’s time for you to get a cat! 🙂

    Elena – There has to be a way… 😉

  8. That particular kitty is dead now. So no. 🙁

    How’s the query process going?

  9. I’m sorry, Mysti. 🙁 The query process is going slow. That’s about all I know so far.

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