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I Have More Tabs!

Check it out! I have three tabs now. Now if someone could just tell me how to make my name bigger… 🙂 Ooo, with pretty lights around it, too!


  1. Never mind! I’ve changed everything!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Lol, looking good. I need to find the patience to figure out how to do the tab thing, too :p And I’d love lights! Twinkling lights!

    PS: sorry about – I’m a little screwy today. (insert crazy smiley here)

  4. If you need help on the tab thing, Stef, let me know! I’ve made two now, and I consider myself an expert!

  5. Cool… I like the new tabs…. no idea how to make your name bigger…

  6. Yay, now you’re a tab matter expert. I enjoyed the insight into your life. Makes stalking you from Missouri so much easier. It’s a quick drive (I’ll watch out for tacks).


  7. Stalk away, Pam! I’m not afraid. 😉

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