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863 Words Closer to ‘The End’


Anyone who’s read some of my stories knows that I have a strange fascination with putting numbers in them. I’m not sure why exactly, but numbers have always been interesting to me. When I was younger, my parents would drive places, and I would add or multiply addresses on the houses we passed. So I wrote Willow Road about someone who did just that.

Anyway, while I was enjoying my Christmas vacation, I got in some good writing/editing time. Yay! But you know what I noticed? I wrote 863 words day after day. Not more, not less. 863 again and again. No, not 863 repeated all over the page! I’m not that crazy!

So, what does this mean? Why did I stop at exactly 863 words? Did I spot something shiny? Did my brain explode? Did I have to pee? All of the above? Maybe. Or maybe I just felt in my bones that 863 words was good enough for me.

863 words isn’t a lot for a daily word count. Some people can blast out 5,000 or more in a day. I’d love to get over 1,000, but… 863 is pretty close. It’s 863 more words than I had the day before. It’s 863 words closer to ‘The End’. I’m good with that.

What’s your daily word count goal? Is it really the end of the world if you don’t reach it?


  1. Well done on 863 words… that’s great progress. And any new words is more than you had the previous day:) I sometimes struggle and get 400 words out, but on good days I can do 1800 words…:)

  2. Yeah, you’re weird, but that’s why I like you, cause I’m weird too. Weird people unite! 🙂

    I have no word count goals. I’m happy to just make progress each day. And if it doesn’t happen, it just doesn’t. I didn’t get anything done but critting on Tuesday–busy day and the tornado got me all stressed out.

  3. I heart weird people! You have a fabulous attitude, Mysti, because as long as you’re making progress, who cares about word counts?

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