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No, this post isn’t about my love for alliteration. It’s about my obsession with all things scary. Movies. TV shows. Books. My cat during one of his Vietnam flashbacks. I love being scared, which is why I feel all skippy about next Tuesday. That’s when The River premieres. This is The River:

Eep! I’m so excited! It’s a two hour premiere, so I’m going to kick the BF out of the room to enjoy every single second. (He hates scary things).
Are you going to watch The River? Do you like scary things? What’s your favorite scary movie/book?


  1. Favorite scary book: The Woman in Black. I read it in preparation for doing the play. I didn’t think I could get that creeped out by a non-visual medium, but let me just tell you…don’t read it right before bed or the lamp will stay on all night! Then there’s the play. Freaky! I kind of scared myself as an actor, then to go back and watch the clips? Yikes! Definitely looking forward to the film coming out next month.

  2. Haven’t heard of it.. but going to check it out on the net… looks so good.

  3. Prima – Oooo, I will add this to my TBR list. The movie looks great, too!

    Tania – It does look good, doesn’t it?!

  4. Totally yes… told hubby about it and he wants to watch it too:)

  5. I want to see the movie. Didn’t know there was a book. Let me know how “The River” is. Looked kinda like “Lost” to me.

  6. I also haven’t heard about it but I’m off to find out more. Looks like something I would watch. Oh yes, I love scary movies. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment.

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