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Oops, I Forgot Our Anniversary!


Yep, I did. Our anniversary, as in me and this blog. My first post ever was December 10th, 2010. It was about how much fun I was having while editing my WIP. Here’s the post:

I was a silly, silly girl back then because editing eventually turned into a hate letter here:

So anyway, for a year and some change I’ve been rambling. Some people stop by and ramble with me. I heart those people.

The post that has been visited the most is the one where I declare my love for my critters: It’s been viewed 97 times!

Critter is the number one search keyword that has brought people to this blog. Everyone loves my critters!

Here’s to another year and much more rambling! 🙂


  1. ohhh revisions. They always start out fresh and carefree, and end up twisted and hateful. Then we do it all over again.

  2. Congrats on your anniversary:) Critters… how curious.. wonder what people like about them so much… am going to check out that post:)

  3. Happy New Year! Given your blog’s activity, I was surprised it was only a year old. You’re an old pro. I read all your posts (even when I don’t have the time or wit to reply). They’re always entertaining. So ditto on the Here’s-to! Bottoms up for another year with Jesse!

  4. Sarah – Why do we torture ourselves? We must be crazy! 🙂

    Tania – I suspect it’s because of the picture I used from the the movie Critters. Maybe?

    Pam – Yay! Thank you so much!

  5. Happy Belated Anniversary!!! I totally remember those posts 🙂

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