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Villains (Evil Cackle Goes Here)


Villains are so much fun. Remember Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs? Or how about the scary guy from No Country For Old Men? I get chills every time I watch those movies.

My favorite kind of villain are the ones who are a murky shade of gray. They’re bad, but there’s a valid reason why they’re bad or they’re not all bad. Dr. Lecter had a soft spot for Clarice, which made him likable. He also had a zany sense of humor. Oh, that Dr. Lecter. Always chewing off people’s faces with a cold grin on his face. He’s a riot!

I have to admit it – when he escaped, I was a little happy for him. I felt scared for anyone who pissed him off, but happy he was finally free.

Anyway, villains. I don’t care for the ones who are bad just to be bad. A few James Bond movie villains come to mind who are labeled the bad guy, but for no apparent reason other than a kitty in their lap. Huh? I don’t get it.

Villainous cat wants you to start running.

So writers, are you spending some quality time with your villain? Do they have a clear goal? Are they memorable?

And everyone else, who is your favorite villain of all time?


  1. I try not to think of villains. They are just people with opposing goals, and the noblest of reasons (in their mind) why they are the good guys.

  2. I like Moses from The Reapers are the Angels. I love writing about villains. The best are the ones that readers can “almost” relate with. Great post.

  3. Ooo, The Reapers Are the Angels – I LOVE that title! Thanks for stopping by!

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