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Tech-y Stuff You Might Already Know (But I Didn’t)

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In the past few weeks, I’ve learned some technology related things that are kind of neat. I’ll share them with you, and maybe you’ll find they’re neat, too!

1. FutureMe – This website rules. All you do is type in your email address, a message to your future self, and the date you’d like the message delivered. This is so handy for reminders of things I need to do later but will never remember. Yes, there are such things as pens and calendars, so yes I could write myself a message on the calendar. But guess what? I never look at the calendar. I do check email about 5,000 times a day though, so it all works out!

2. Triberr – I’m still feeling my way around this website, but it’s basically a way to connect with people who have the same interests. You join groups, or tribes, and the people in your group can see your latest blog posts. If they like your post, they’ll approve them or share them via Facebook or Twitter.

3. – This blows my mind a little bit. It publishes Twitter, Facebook, Google + or any web content into an easy-to-read online newspaper that updates automatically. It’s useful if you don’t want to browse through an entire day’s worth of tweets or whatever – it’s all right there in your own newspaper! You can also share it with others through Twitter, etc.

4. TweetDeck – I don’t use this yet, but I learned about it, so I thought I’d share. It seems like this is a tool for people who follow thousands of people on Twitter or who have thousands of followers. It’s a tool to help you manage your tweets better. So there you go.

5. WordPress – I might get shot by Blogger for saying this, but I’m really considering transferring my blog over to WordPress. I like the idea of WordPress delivering your blog posts to people’s email. From a book marketing pov, that’s the best way to lure people to buy book two. If they’ve stopped by your blog once and cared enough to sign up to receive your blog, you’d want to make it easy for them to know when book two comes out, right? Plus, WordPress blogs always look so clean. If you’re considering switching over, check out Mama Blogga’s how-to post.

I think that’s it. Anyone else have anything cool you’d like to share? Thoughts or opinions about any of the above?


  1. Swap to WordPress. A bazillion times better than Blogger.

  2. You can sing up to receive blog posts on Blogger too. See right hand side of this blog where it says Follow by Email. I’ve tried both WordPress and Blogger and find Blogger simpler and easier to use.

  3. Paper li…I’ve investigated this for work as a landing page for my department. Love the look/feel of it.

    I like WordPress better (I like the look of it better). And I’ve tried signing up for blogger posts via email. I NEVER get them. I don’t have that problem with WordPress.

  4. I see it, Clint, but like Pam said, I’ll sign up and I’ll never receive Blogger posts via email. WordPress is looking better and better…

  5. Some great sites… I’m going to check them out… I love discovering fun new places. By the way – I love using wordpress:)

  6. Another fan of WordPress?! Hmmm… 🙂

  7. I wouldn’t do twitter without tweetdeck! Without it, nothing makes sense to my brain and I can’t find anyone’s tweets. With it, it’s so easy to group people and check them out quickly 🙂

  8. Jemi – I’ll probably sign up for Tweetdeck soon!

  9. Hiya, Lindsey!

    Put me down for the WordPress camp as well. I used Blogger for a while and though it is simpler, it isn’t nearly as powerful. Plus, Blogger blogs keep hating on me if I don’t want to use my gmail account to post comments from.

    As for email updates, I’ve had good luck with feedburner. It’s a branch of google (isn’t everything?) and makes the process pretty simple. Check it out sometime. (FYI: I just went and looked. The email updates you get in your account from my blog? Sent through feedburner. So now you know what they will look like as well!)



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