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Internet Woes

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Warning – This post is fueled by frustration. Proceed with caution.

Would you like to know how many times my internet has crapped out on me today? I would like to tell you, but sadly, I’ve lost count. When it decides to work again, I speed-type what I need to get done, and two minutes later (I’m so not kidding), my green modem lights hiccup, then give me an unblinking dazed look like my modem is more than a little tipsy.

My internet service provider sucks. They wanted to charge me thirty bucks to have some guy come look at it. Umm, don’t I already pay them for service every single month? Shouldn’t they be paying me to come fix my service? Yes, I know I’m being unreasonable and whiny. Sorry. I’m just so FrUsTrAtEd!

I’ve started researching new internet service providers, and wouldn’t you know, my internet craps out on me while I’m researching! It’s a conspiracy, I tell you!

The BF wants me to do other stuff while the internet takes a va-cay, like write. He’s right, of course. That’s exactly what I could be doing, but today marks the last day of summer vacation. I have shiny new books to order for the school year, and it’s all done online! Gah!

Is it just me or does everyone’s service provider suck? Should I slip my modem some 5-Hour Energy and continue researching other providers?

P.S. My provider’s name rhymes with Sox. 😉


  1. Awwww….

    I’m sorry. I use AT&T and have been really happy with them. The only problem I’ve had lately is when my 8 year old wireless router fizzled out on me. Best Buy fixed me up though.

    If today is the last day of vacation, does that mean you can use the schools inter-webs tomorrow? Order books tomorrow, and write tonight! (Though I guess tonight is almost over now.)

    Hope everything gets better!


  2. Nah, it’s not just you. They’re all crappy (well, here at least). At least your power wasn’t out 🙂

  3. Thanks, J and Stef! The connection might be getting better – I haven’t been kicked off in 40 minutes!

  4. Sorry to hear that… how frustrating indeed.

  5. It hasn’t been too bad these last few days. Maybe my venting helped fix it?

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