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Vote For My MC’s Roommate’s Name

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Yes, I know many of you voted in last week’s election, but I’m asking you to vote just one more time! See the poll to the right? Below the search feature? I’d like to know your thoughts on my MC’s roommate’s name.


Here is a little information about the roommate and the story: this girl is, um… Let’s just say she… Well, she gets around. A lot. She has glossy black hair. The happy and sad theather masks are etched into her irises. She’s a college student. She’s tough and can take people down quickly. The story takes place in the future in space. It’s a ghost story, but the roommate has never encounted any.


So, is the  name Moon Dragon too cheesy? Or does it work?


  1. Hm. I’m undecided. On the one hand, there’s the Moon Unit Zappa thing going through my head, on the other it sounds like the kind of name that would cause that kind of behavior. I know other people have noticed that children “blessed” by their parents with unusual names tend to be a little weird if only from the accumulated psychic trauma. I’d say keep it, but maybe throw a gawd-awful last name at her as well.

  2. Since this is in the future, and in space, anything goes. Who knows what we’ll be naming each other then. I’d say keep it. Isn’t Luke Skywalker a little cheezy too?

  3. Melissa – good point! Perhaps the name dictates the behavior…

    Dana – you’re right! Luke Skywalker is kind of cheesy.

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