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Dear Book I Wrote…

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Well, today is your big day! How does it feel? Are you nervous? Excited? Are you going to spew? Please don’t.


I’m proud of you even though you’ve prevented me from sleeping for about two months. I really wish I was exaggerating, but no. How many hours have I spent thinking about you, plotting you, getting feedback from you, worrying that you suck? Plenty, and I did most of that while I should’ve been sleeping. Sleep is for wusses though, right?


With my eyes half-open, I still think you look so pretty in your gorgeous cover. People tell me you look creepy all the time, and some even give me weird looks that I’m even associated with you. They’ll never understand our love. But some people won’t love you. In fact, some will hate you with a capital HATE. It’s cool, though. We’ll always have each other. Just keep being your gorgeous self.


I sometimes talk about the people living inside you like they’re real, which also elicit weird looks from some. That won’t stop me from doing it, though. To me, they are real, and if that makes me sound like a nut case, then maybe that store called Whaty-Whats really does sell straight jackets. Remember the smell of that store? Yum.


Anyway, I’m done rambling. Enjoy your book birthday. 🙂




The Grave Winner releases TODAY from Crescent Moon Press. As of this writing, it’s only available on Kindle, but will be available in paperback and other formats soon.


I have a lot of events coming up, so maybe you’ll see me around! Here’s the schedule:


Also, have you seen the trailer yet? I plan on doing a ‘making of’ post in the near future.



  1. Happy Book Birthday! LOVE this novel and am so happy for you! Congrats, Lindsey!

  2. Congrats, doll! Can’t wait to watch this baby climb!

  3. Thank you, Katie and Pam!

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