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Everyday Is Halloween


Does anyone remember that Ministry song called “Everyday is Halloween?” No? Well, here you go.




I’ve come to realize that, to me, everyday really is Halloween. One Halloween, I dressed up as a Cyndi Lauper/Madonna hybrid, and I loved the look so much that I wore the outfit even when it wasn’t a holiday. In fact, I think I still have the single black glove with the fingers cut off lying around here somewhere.


Another Halloween, my mom sewed me a white cat costume even though I really wanted to be a black kitty. Her fear was that while Trick-Or-Treating, I would be invisible to cars. Jeez, my mom was smart, but of course I didn’t realize it then. So, I was a white cat. Years later in high school, I was still a white cat, only without the costume. For some reason, I felt the need to prance around on my tiptoes and clean my face with my paws, er, hands. No, I wasn’t drunk during those entire four years; it’s just a thing I did every once in a while. That, and peeing in random people’s yards for money.


Ahem. Anyway. Where was I? Right. Halloween.


One of my favorite things to do from November 1st to October 31st is to prepare for Halloween by watching scary movies. Some of my favorites include The Exorcist, The Ring, Paranormal Activity, and Alien. Sometimes when I’m feeling a bit wicked, I’ll pull all my long hair in front of my face and do that jerky walk like Samara in The Ring toward my BF. He doesn’t find this humorous.


As you may have figured out, Halloween is my very favorite holiday of all the holidays ever. Which is why I celebrate it everyday. I’d like to share my giddy love with you by offering a chance to win a $10 gift card from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. You pick! See the Rafflecopter below.

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  1. I like a lot of things about Halloween. I love being with my children and assisting them in their costumes and going trick or treating. I love pumpkins and decorating for the holiday. I also enjoy the caramel nut apples, hayrides, and bonfires.

  2. I used to love tuning in to AMC’s Fearfest, but it’s kind of stinky this year. I mean, I like Friday the 13th just as much as the next person, but that’s all that’s been on for three solid days. Listen to me being all judgmental–I’ve watched Misery three days this week. Oddly enough, the remake of 13 Ghosts (the original version from the 60s is on a scale all its own) is one of the few horror movies that I’ve closed my eyes–the guy in the straightjacket with the helmet (The Juggernaut?) scares the crap out of me. Stil.

    My kids aren’t into Halloween this year. I convinced them to wander around a pumpkin patch and put window clings on the back door….but that’s where they drew the line. They’ve both declined dressing up and trick or treating. For 3 and almost 2, they’re pretty firm in their decisions.

    • I haven’t seen 13 Ghosts yet. I should probably fix that.

      Your kids don’t want to trick or treat?! I suppose it would lose its appeal after awhile. I mean, how much candy does one really need?

  3. My daughter freaks out over scary movies. However, she’s also a total failure at saying “no” and her HS best friend used to drag her along, after which she would freak out for days (or in the case of The Ring, weeks…or was it months?). We finally made it easy for her: “Tell Kelsie we refuse to let you see these movies.” She said “Okay!” Problem solved (which was a good thing for our electric bill!).

    • Hee-hee! I went to see The Ring by myself in a strange town and lost sleep for a couple nights, but it was all worth it! Maybe your daughter secretly liked it, too?

  4. candy, kids and pumpkin spice coffee

  5. I love decorating the house for Halloween!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    • I like the decorating part, too, but I never decorate my house. I only decorate the library with tons of fake spider webs. My house has enough spider webs, I suppose!

  6. Love the chocoates 🙂

  7. My favorite is dressing up.

  8. I love many things about Halloween – the decorations, the Jack o’ Lanterns, but most of all, I LOVE dressing up. I dress up with my children whenever possible; my daughter and I are going to be cheerleaders this year. She was a princess and I was a queen last year. Great fun!! michelle_willms(at)yahoo.(com)

  9. I love love love dressing up! Making my own costume and DIYing my make-up! Thanks for sharing your love for Halloween! 🙂

  10. The Horror movies!

  11. The costumes!

  12. I love carving pumpkins and decorating the house.

  13. I love the candy and the decorations!

  14. My favorite thing about Halloween is being able to dress up and pretend to be someone else for a day

  15. I love all the candy and dressing up but my favorite thing is that it is my daughter’s birthday.

  16. Halloween is my fav holiday ever and honestly i love everything about it the creativity the scariness the candy is awesome the colors

  17. I love dressing up (even as an adult) and love seeing other people’s costumes! But I really dislike scary movies! Drama-scary okay, horror-scary NO WAY.

    Happy Halloween!

    (and, umm, peeing in people’s yards for money? wha-?)

  18. I love the decorating and seeing just how elaborate and terrifying I can make my yard and house.

  19. Scary movies! And books! In fact, my daughter and I are planning a movie marathon this weekend to celebrate.

  20. watching all the scary movies again! only watch them this time of year

  21. I love dressing up and pretending I am someone else and I love candy! But seriously, back before we went completely broke, my family was the bomb at throwing halloween parties. That is the part I love. the getting together and doing ridiculous themed games and making halloween themed food! I LOVE halloween themed food. lol

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