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Come Sail With Me (But Bring Tape) #MyWritingProcess #MFRWauthor

I’ve been tagged in the #MyWritingProcess blog hop by fellow Kansas author and friend Tracy Million Simmons! I’m supposed to answer four questions and then tag a few other author friends.


Here I go!


1. What am I working on?

Well, I’ve just recently finished edits for book two of The Grave Winner series, What Gifts She Carried. I’m also scrambling to finish my NA paranormal science fiction romance called Sail by the end of June. Actually, it’s finished but it needs some tweaking.

Here’s the blurb in case you’re interested:

Nineteen-year-old Absidy Jones is a ghost magnet, a sensitive person spirits flock to when they can’t cross over. After her brutal past escaping the hordes of ghosts vying for her attention, she spends her reclusive existence melting down iron into bite-sized pieces. Whether alloy or wrought, ancient paper clips or nails, consuming iron is the only thing that keeps the ghosts away.

But when Absidy’s sister goes missing in deep space, a dangerous place brimming with rogue planets, ship-eating nebulas, and vicious aliens, Absidy vows to find her. She comes out of hiding and boards the first ship she can that’s on a direct route to deep space—a haunted ship. 

To keep the malicious ghosts from killing her, the ship’s alluring bad boy pilot gifts her a small bundle of all the iron on the ship. But their growing relationship is tested with the crew’s prying eyes and hidden secrets.

While the ship sails into deep space, it’s not just her sister’s life that Absidy fears for. It’s her own, as well. Especially since her stash of iron has shrunk to zero. (Add it to Goodreads!)


2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I like to mish-mash genres (can you say NA paranormal science fiction romance ten times fast?), I love to incorporate humor, and insane plot twists make me giddy.


3. Why do I write what I do?

Many of my stories have a horror slant to them, and I think that’s because I love to be scared. If I can scare myself, then I have a chance at scaring readers, too. Plus, I’m a complete sucker for romances, and I love making sparks fly between characters.


4. How does my writing process work?

With tape. Lots and lots of tape. Some of you have heard this a thousand times before, but if I don’t put tape over my eyebrows while I write, my fingers will take little vacations from pounding on the keyboard and pluck my eyebrows out. No joke. One of the last times I went without tape and went to the salon for a haircut, my stylist pointed at my eyebrows in total horror and said, “What…happened?” Yeah. I was too embarrassed to explain the truth, so I just mumbled something about aliens.


I also have to have a glass of water nearby and complete quiet. Oh, and my face has to be freshly scrubbed, too. I think that’s a subconscious thing so that I can start the writing day with fresh eyes.


Well, now that I’ve thoroughly convinced you that I need mental help, it’s time to tag a few authors!


1. Heather Hambel Curley (whose debut novel Anything You Ask of Me releases August 4th!)

2. J. Andrew Jansen

3. Pam Godwin

Tag! You’re it!


  1. When you said you write with tape, I imagined Absidy’s use of tape. LOL Owwww! Great post. Sail is such a unique, creepy story. And Mase is a piloty bonus. 😉 Thanks for the tag.

  2. You even blog with great energy. Thanks for playing. I think I’ve read about the tape thing before, but it still cracks me up. We recently had a writers’ group meeting where we talked about writing rituals. I don’t think their were any answers as interesting as tape on the eyebrows!

    • I think it’s a good thing I can call myself a writer to help explain all the weirdness away. That way when I get caught being weird, I can just say, “It’s okay. I’m a writer!”

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