Book Cover: Daring the Devil
Part of the Reigning Hell series:
  • Daring the Devil

Hell hath no fury like its princess…

Every sixteen-year-old thinks her mom is the Devil sometimes. But Kiera Morningstar’s mother really is the Queen of Hell. And she expects Kiera to earn her right to the throne by taking a soul. When Kiera fails—again—her mom banishes her from Hell to live among humans.

At least, that’s what she wants Kiera to believe.

When Kiera lands at Miss Molly’s School for Troubled Teens, she learns that someone is dead set on de-throning the Morningstars by any means necessary, including stealing the key and opening the Gates of Hell.

Now, demons are free to roam the earth—and both Kiera and her mother are in danger.

Even stripped of her powers, Kiera refuses to be a meek princess. With the help of angels, saints, and an oddball group of human friends, she sets out to recover the key and close the gates.

But what she finds instead could change Heaven, Hell, and everything in between.

DARING THE DEVIL is Game of Thrones meets The Godfather meets The Exorcist--get your copy now for a Hellish good time!