My brain is incapable of coming up with anything to chype about. Except The Hunger Games. I could chype all day about that. But I won’t because I’m hungry. Here’s the teaser trailer:

Watch it. Memorize it. Listen to Rue’s whistle at the very end. I. Can. Not. Wait. For. This. Movie.
In other news, I’m suddenly a rockin’ kind of girl who likes to rock out at rock concerts. The weekend after I see the Foo Fighters, ZZTop and Lynyrd Skynyrd are coming to town. The BF and I bought tickets. I’m already planning my outfits because I’m a girly-girl.
What else is happening? Well, when I was little I wanted to work for Publisher’s Clearing House Prize Patrol. You know, those people who knock on doors with balloons and confetti and say “You’ve just won a million dollars!” My job as a librarian is pretty much the same kind of thing. I hand out prizes, candy, free-trip-to-the-state-fair information all day long. I’m the school’s prize patrol. No wonder I’m so tired.