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Haunted by Magic Diaries:

Real life unexplainable events from the authors.

“When I was a teenager, a friend of mine had six brothers and sisters who all shared bedrooms. One time, I asked him why no one used one particular bedroom that sat empty. He told me that none of them liked it, and didn’t elaborate. Years later, his mother told mine that the house was haunted by the ghost of a woman. All of the kids had been able to see the ghost as children and would know when she was in the room. Over time, they all grew out of it. My friend’s mother alone could still see the ghost move about the house. And, yes, she favored one bedroom, in particular.” – J. S. Malcom


J. S. Malcom is the author of the Realm Watchers urban fantasy series, of which Autumn Winters is just the beginning. J. S. lives in Richmond, Virginia, a town full of history and ghosts (not to mention, many other supernatural creatures, including Autumn and Cassie). Learn more by visiting




Autumn Winters has a secret that could get her killed. She just doesn’t know she’s keeping it.

Autumn Winters doesn’t realize that she’s come into her powers as a protector of the veil. All she knows is that her world suddenly looks onto another, one full of ghosts and other supernatural beings that can’t possibly exist. But another window has opened within her, bringing memories of when her sister, Cassie, also displayed magical abilities. That was just before Cassie went missing. She hasn’t been seen since.

Autumn believes there must be a connection between what’s happening to her now and what happened years ago. Determined to finally rescue her sister, Autumn sets out with the mysterious, and psychic, private investigator Ian to track down who committed her sister’s abduction, as she struggles to accept her own legacy as a veil witch and master her newfound magic. What she doesn’t realize is that, when the powers of a realm watcher awaken, there are those who’ll be waiting. Getting closer to the truth only means getting closer to danger.

Autumn Winters is the first book in a dark, thrilling urban fantasy series journeying into the place where our world converges with that of ghosts, vampires, magical creatures and other trans-dimensional intruders—a world humans were never meant to detect.

Here’s what people are saying about the Autumn Winters Realm Watchers series:

“Could not put this down! The action moved fast and the characters are so well-developed!”

“Love the way J. S. Malcolm presents the supernatural as if it is natural. Maybe it is! The author definitely makes it feel that it might be.”

“Start at the beginning and read them all. You’ll be addicted in no time!

“Every time I thought I was good and understood what was going on. Bam! A new twist.”

“I’m totally addicted to this series. It’s just so refreshing to find a character as real as Autumn.”

“This series gets more and more riveting!”

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